The Rex Whitley Bay from the Beach


James Richardson has a passion for art that first surfaced at a young age. He would often draw on the streets of his home town in Byker, Newcastle Upon Tyne. James left school in 1955 and began to study life drawing, design and art for reproduction at the college of art and industrial design, this was a 3 year course that James had to sadly give up when his mother passed. He took up work and neglected painting for over 15 years. By chance, James was contacted by the queens artist Petro Annigoni. They became great friends and he agreed to mentor James to rekindle his love for art. Since then, James has been commissioned to paint a number of works and has paintings hung in cities all around the world. His Hans Cavalier Dog was shown on the side of a building in Times Sq. New York, USA. James has received the Hamilton Ford Award of Excellence, the Golden Brush Award and many other awards for excellence in the artistic industry.

200gsm Art Paper
30cm x 40cm