Robin Pugh was born and raised in Redditch and currently lives and works in Birmingham, UK. He studied Fine Art at Bath School of Art and Design.
Working primarily with paint and photography, Robin is motivated by his desire to consider the overlooked. His LOCUS series delves into the uncanny nature of small town suburbia, searching for that moment of time caught in the imperceptible shift between comfort and dread. Space & Centre, in collaboration with poet David Page, explored the psycho-geography of Birmingham seeking out various ‘non-places’ around the city.
His series ‘I’m Not A Pigeon, I’m A Flocking Rock Dove!’ takes a look at our everyday feral friends, the pigeon. He paints these fascinating underrated creatures capturing each bird’s personality and rich colouring. Every bird contained within its own canvas, providing a space in which it can be considered as an individual with its own merits.

Acrylic on canvas board
40cm x 50cm