Angel Iliev was born in 1968 in Sofia, Bulgaria and currently lives in London. He works oil and acrylic on canvas and wood. The classical firmness and profound insight are the first to meet us, should we step into his mystical realms. Inspired by the Renaissance ideal and driven impetuously into his own trajectory, his brushmanship sabres all attempts to define it in our familiar styles, even though we could notice the surreal plots, the baroque techniques, the impressionist attitude to light and colour or the cubism style geometry sounding as basso ostinato throughout the flesh of his all paintings. Apart from their radical influence and undeniable virtuosity, his pieces are remarkable for having a voice. The uniqueness of this voice is a result of author’s ability to construct his paintings in a perfect collaboration of three ingredients defining class: high spiritual conceptuality, solid basis of meaning, and mastery in balancing the use of expression. Angel does not recreate. He brings to existence worlds – accessible and captivating for both the connoisseur and the client. He is one of the two Bulgarians who exhibited works at auction for Sotheby’s. The other one is Christo (Hristo Yavashev). Angel Iliev’s canvases are stored in private collections and galleries. Of course, he is a participant in numerous exhibitions and competitions, some of which include New York, Basel, London.

Acrylic on panel
86cm x 60cm