Dreaming Dragons


Jane Peters works from her studio in Cheshire. She paints intriguing abstracts and figures on acrylic glass. The pieces are viewed from the unpainted side to create beautiful, vivid work that brings whole rooms to life with subtly changing tones as light conditions vary. She has been featured in Cheshire Life, enjoys some celebrity clients and has exhibited work in the NW and London including the prestigious Mall Galleries.

Painted on the reverse of acrylic glass in red, crimson, gold, grey, silver and bronze acrylic against a painted semi reflective silver background. Spacer bolted onto black gloss Perspex. Fitted to hang. Signed original.

Framed size: 60 x 90cm (23.7″ x 35.5″)
Image size: 50 x 80cm (19.8″ x 31.5″)