Alpes-Maritimes, South of France I


Pam Miller creates oil and acrylic paintings, monoprints and mixed media on canvas and panel that are concerned with metaphor for landscape; observation of the changing nature of skies, seas, lakes, flora and flora has led to a ‘shorthand of landscape’ (mark making), with a sense of a location, some more abstract than others. She translates the preliminary studies made on site, using a more spontaneous process in her studio (both on a large and small scale), leading to artworks that represent transition in her own life – a bit like a visual autobiography. She is particularly inspired by cliff-top walks, where there is a sense of infinity, the intimate feeling of a beautiful sunset (rekindling African memories) and world travels.

Pam has had numerous exhibitions, locally (Beeston/Nottingham), nationally (U.K.) and internationally (including Dallas, Ljubljana, Vienna, Gothenburg and Midland (Texas).

76cm x 76cm x 4.5cm
Oil and beeswax on canvas