Energy Vortexes


Polina Davi is an artist who embodies intuitive painting, creates portal paintings, and incorporates sacred symbols, mandalas, and life-changing energy paintings.

My passion is exploring the depths of the human soul through the artworks. The intuitive painting is a way to express deepest emotions and thoughts, forging a connection with the invisible world and opening new horizons of consciousness.

My portal paintings are the embodiment of the desire to transport the viewer to other dimensions and realms. I believe that art can serve as a bridge between our reality and mysterious spheres, allowing us to embark on inner journeys where time and space cease to exist.

Sacred symbols and mandalas are key elements in my work. I find inspiration in the art of various cultures and ancient civilisations, and they guide my creative process. Sacred symbols and mandalas help me establish profound connections with the spiritual realm, transmitting the energy and wisdom embedded in these symbols. I’ve been researching the world of sacred geometry since 10 years and teaching people to draw it.

My energy paintings represent a special form of art that I am developing. They not only showcase beauty and harmony but also possess the ability to influence one’s energy and state of being. I strive to create pieces that not only evoke aesthetic admiration but also have the power to transform the lives of viewers. This energy paintings provoke inner transformation, stimulate growth, and awaken the potential in those who engage with them.

In my paintings, I aim to merge the realms of the material and the spiritual, explore the depths of human existence, and create artworks that can transport the viewer to a new reality. My work is an invitation to embark on a journey, a call for self-discovery, and a source of inspiration for life transformation.

Thank you for your attention!

Acrylic paint, ink and spray on boxed canvas
61cm x 91cm