Horizon 4


Brian Reinker works in the language of landscape, topography and architecture. His colourful abstractions depict real and imagined places with the disciplined approach of an architect. Recently focused on collage he uses colourfast paper & foil to create layered and textured works of abstracted shapes to convey traditional landscapes in a modern vocabulary. He gained his BA in Fine Arts & Architecture at the University of Cincinnati and the Architectural Association in London. He has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows and won the Its Art Call competition in 2020. His work is in numerous collections in Europe, Australia and the USA. Prices include shipping to the UK and Europe.

Horizon Series. This series uses different landscapes as its base, that have been abstracted and minimised using horizontal elements. Fields, beaches , sunsets , sand dunes, water and other landscapes are depicted with lines of colour and texture.

Paper & foil on Dibond in an acid free mount with black stained wood frame
80cm x 80cm