Flamingo at Night


Gabi Carr is a figurative and expressionist artist who conveys a message that seeks empathy with the viewer. She works in oils, watercolour and ink.

Her work evolves from her own intimate thoughts, worries and concerns for her loved ones, both past and present, and herself.

In each of the genres she works, Gabi applies the same sensitivity. She is unafraid to question and explore the emotional impact of day to day pressures on the human psyche. Her subject matter, mental health, sexuality and the rhythms of life, serve to provide material for her work. Animals frequently find themselves being used as metaphors in her art and help to represent her feelings in a symbolic way.

The sometimes unfinished appearance of her work leaves the viewer to answer their own questions in response to the work, and to take a contemplative moment of stillness.

Signed limited edition Giclee print on 300gsm Verona Rag watercolour paper
42cm x 59.4cm